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Chinese pharmacogenomic knowledge base(CNPKB)
Chinese pharmacogenomics knowledge base(CNPKB)
Examples of input data :
Drug: Warfarin Gene: CYP2C19
Variation Location: Chr1_46016358 SNP_ID: rs1065852

Current Reference Build: GRCh37


    What is CNPKB:
      The CNPKB is a large-scale Chinese pharmacogenomics database. It is built based on the pharmacogenomics landscape of Chinse population. CNPKB aims to provide personalized drug treatment genetic information for patients, physicians, investigators in both industry and academia. Currently, CNPKB contains a total of 1,577,513 genetic variants in 3,538 pharmacogenes deriving from 206,640 individuals. The connection among these pharmacogenes, their mutations and affected drugs are constructed and provided to be queried.



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